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Illusion contact lenses offer an array of colors suited to light or dark eyes in disposable lenses prized for their comfort and ease of handling.Note: Some Parameters of this lens are Made-To-Order, these parameters may have additional charges applied.
$ 54.99
NewVues (Focus 1-2 Week)
NewVues (also known as Focus 1-2 Week Visitint) are soft contact lenses that offer the freedom of crisp, clear vision and enhanced comfort through frequent replacement. These lenses are tinted for ease of handling and will not change the color of your eye. The tint is simply designed to facilitate locating the contact lenses in solution.These lenses are also available in COLOR!NewVue lenses are available in an array of beautiful colors.Click here to check out NewVues Colors.
$ 14.99
NewVues Colors (Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors)
NewVues Colors (also known as Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors) combine the freedom of crisp, clear vision and enhanced comfort offered through frequent replacement with a brilliant array of colors.
$ 26.99
O2 Optix
O2 Optix (commonly referred to as O2 Optics) is CIBA Vision's brand 1-2 week disposable contact lens.O2 Optix is made with a revolutionary silicone hydrogel technology allowing 5 times more oxygen to reach the eye than the leading 2-week lens to help protect you from the signs and symptoms of corneal oxygen deficiency.
$ 17.99
Polycon II
Gas Permeable lenses are custom lenses and are specially manufactured to the exact specifications of your prescription. In some cases additional charges may apply if your prescription calls for specialized parameters. These specialized parameters include (but are not limited to) such options as Front, Back, and Bi-Toric has been providing the exact same contacts as prescribed by your eye doctor since 1995. Take advantage of our discount prices and order your contact lenses today!Instructions for Ordering Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses:OPTION #1..Step 1: Enter your prescription into the drop down above.Step 2: Click Add to Cart and complete the Checkout Process.Optional: Once you have completed your order you may fax a copy of your prescription to 1-800-401-1495 to ensure a quick processing time.OPTION #2..Step 1: Fax a copy of your order confirmation page and a copy of a valid prescription to 1-800-401-1495.Step 2: Call Customer Service at 1-800-LENSCOM (1-800-536-7266).If you have any problems during this process, you can contact our Customer Service Department and they will assist you in completing your order.
$ 33.99
Softcon EW
Softcon EW offer the durability of a daily wear lens and the convenience of extended wear, allowing you to use them to best suit your personal needs.Note: Some Parameters of this lens are Made-To-Order, these parameters may have additional charges applied.
$ 39.99
Torisoft is a yearly replacement soft contact lens that offer crisp, clear vision for patients with astigmatism.For additional non-standard parameters, click here to view Torisoft Made-To-Order lenses.
$ 63.99
Torisoft (MTO)
Torisoft is a yearly replacement soft contact lens that offer crisp, clear vision for patients with astigmatism.
$ 99.99
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