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Equate Contact Lens Case

The equate cleaning contact lens case is the perfect way to keep your lenses clean and protected. This case includes a cleaning system and 102023 precautions to help keep your health in mind. The case is also ready to use and easy to wraps around your contact lens.

Top 10 Equate Contact Lens Case

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Best Equate Contact Lens Case

The equate contact lens case is a great way to protect your contact lens while we're out in the world. The case has a mix of colors that will be perfect for your style, and the change monthly reminder tells you when it's time to keep the case change. our new equate contact lens case has 77 cases, with new neutralizing discs. Of course, you'll need your contact lens case to protect your lens from being stolen or lost. Our cases are full of fun and fashion, perfect for any physical need for contact lens cases. the equate cleaning contact lens case is a perfect way to keep your contact lens case clean and disinfected. This case includes a cleaning system and care system for twin packs of contact lens cases. The case is easy to use and can be used more than once per day to full the number of cases needed for disinfecting. The case is also lightweight and easy to carry around. The case has a daily reminder for change and includes multiple colors to keep your lenses looking good.